How Important is Timing the Market?

Buy low, sell high – That’s the general idea of earning a return on any investment including real estate. But like any investment, the challenge comes from knowing when to buy and when to sell. Buy at a high price and it can take years to recover your position if the...

7 simple ways to protect your home these Easter holidays

The Easter holidays are a great time to get away with the family. Unfortunately, this means they’re also a prime time for burglars to target your unoccupied home. Here are seven simple ways to deter uninvited guests from entering your property these holidays – sorry Easter Bunny!

Making the most of the instant asset write-off

Cash flow is like your daily hit of caffeine. You don’t really notice how important it is for your business until you’ve got to try and operate without it. Today we’ll look at how the recently expanded instant asset write-off initiative can help out in that area.