Knowing what to inspect and watch out for is a very important step to take before purchasing your very own home. This is where information from building and pest reports come in handy for potential buyers. To help us learn more about this topic, we are bringing in Greg Flood of Inspect Wollongong on the podcast today to talk to us about the credibility of these reports and how we can use them to guide us in our future property buys.

In this episode:
  • Greg shares his career background and a short introduction on Inspect Wollongong.
  • The liabilities building and pest inspectors have on their reports.
  • Knowing the validity time frame of using building and pest reports.
  • Knowing when to engage the services of building and pest inspectors.
  • Trusting the credibility of reports provided by agents or property vendors.
  • Common deal breakers for property buyers.
  • How they deal with non-council approved erections.
  • Common things they inspect on houses in the Wollongong area.
  • Greg’s take on molds and how it can affect the property and the people in the home.
  • Things to remember when purchasing a house with a pool.
  • Things you need to know when buying a home made of asbestos



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