Seasoned Property Investor, author and property specialist, Chris Gray shares in this episode how he started out, the lessons he learned along the way and a lot of valuable insights on diving into Property Investment and growing a property portfolio.

In this episode

  • Journey of Chris as a property investor.
  • On buying a property 7x his income.
  • Advice received on handling finances.
  • Looking at things as a business instead of a hobby.
  • On getting declined, being better informed and determination on seeking for a bank that would help.
  • Insights on banks’ preferences on properties approved for loans.
  • Advice for first-time investors.
  • On jumping in, making mistakes and ideal targets.
  • Different possible scenarios in the market.
  • On Education, Advisers and trying something new.
  • Lifestyle changes and benefits from getting into the business of real estate.


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