Valuation has the tendency to make or break a purchase. In today’s episode, Acumentis Group director Peter Raptis shares with us his thoughts about the booming property market from the perspective of a valuer. Find out the factors that he looks at when valuing a property. Plus, we are still in the low interest rate environment and experiencing the economic impact of Covid19. Are you keen to know how this affects you as buyer? Listen to his valuable advice to property buyers, especially those who wonder “When is it the right time to buy a property?”.

In this episode:
  • Peter talks about the 3 issues they look at during valuation
  • The two types of valuation: purchasing vs. refinancing a property
  • The importance of the property owner’s inputs during the valuation
  • Peter’s thoughts on the rapid price growth in Sydney
  • How long will this growth last?
  • The domino effect when property prices rise locally and interstate
  • Investing in this time of low interest rates and the property boom
  • How Covid19 influenced the people’s purchasing behaviour
  • Peter cites samples of huge price increases – without renovations in the property
  • The importance of buying at the right price
  • What can happen when property growth has peaked
  • Peter’s advice to property buyers

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