Do you have insurance? While some people see the importance of getting insurance, other people wait until something happens before they do. In this episode Craig Bigelow explains the 4 types of personal insurances, why we need it and why you need to think about getting one now. Also watch out for Craig’s freebie insurance calculator and his guide on the 29 common mistakes to avoid when getting insurance.

In this episode:
  • Craig’s story of how he came into the insurance industry.
  • Learning more about his personal, professional, and property experience.
  • 4 personal insurances – what they are and why you need it.
  • Reasons why you need to start thinking about insurance right now.
  • Tips on how to know how much insurance you need.
  • Knowing when to reach out to an insurance specialist when purchasing a property.
  • Learning what is covered in your Superannuation and what is not.
  • Getting claims from your insurance.

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