As parents, we want to invest for our kids but sometimes don’t know how to do it. In this episode, PJ Patterson joins us to share some tips and powerful strategies on how we can go about investing for our children’s futures. Not just that, we also touch on the power of SMSFs and how it can help you manage your money more successfully.

In this episode:
  • Why health should be your number 1 priority in life.
  • PJ shares his professional, personal and property journey.
  • How to get your kids to start investing.
  • Tips for parents to plant financial seeds for their children.
  • One powerful strategy you can use for purchasing a property via an SMSF.
  • Benefits of investments on commercial properties versus residential properties.
  • Reasons why an SMSF is a powerful way to manage your money.
  • PJ’s top takeaways on investing for clients.

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