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On this episode, Aaron Christie-David shares how he, along with his wife and brother in law run a family business that wants to make a difference.

At Atelier Wealth they not only help those who want to get into the property market or get an investment property without all the usual stress that dealing with a bank entails.

Aaron joins host Grace Ormsby in this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show to talk about the trends he’s witnessing in the current lending environment, the level of stress among his investor clients, and the likelihood of a “September cliff” in light of extensions to stimulus packages.

The future isn’t waiting for us, it’s created by us and that includes our financial future too. On this episode of The Date Forever Podcast, Aaron and Bernadette Christie-David got a chance to talk with Sammi and Nathan Jaeger about creating a vision for your financial future.

On this episode of the Driven Young podcast, the host Byron Dempsey and today’s guest Aaron Christie-David discussed how to get proper control of your finances. This may not sound too exciting but it is so important we learn this stuff early on so we don’t reach 30 years old with no savings and no financial assets.

Ben and Aaron talked about Aaron’s take on the property market at the moment, some of the negotiating strategies that he uses as well as he explains why sometimes you should beat it on properties without having a pre-approval in place and how that can actually help you secure your dream home more easily. 

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