Refinancing Home Loans


Whether driven by a change in your situation or a change in interest rates, you may be considering refinancing to either release some equity or access a sharper rate. Our superior refinancing service is based around the following three pillars:

We Have Around 400 Products To Choose From

It makes good financial sense to regularly review your home loan, whether it be to reduce your interest rate or the fees you pay. Having wide access to over 20 lenders ensures we can help you review your options such as fixed/variable repayments, consolidating personal debt, or accessing equity for renovations.

Banks Just Can't Match Our Customer Experience

We are available as your personal ‘mortgage concierge’, taking the time to listen and understand, and walking you through the whole process with as much guidance as you need. If you appreciate having the attention of someone who is personally committed to achieving the best outcome for you, then you’ll appreciate the type of service Atelier is founded upon.

We Keep You Accountable To Your Goals

Mortgages are an interesting game… banks and lenders have a product they wish to sell, yet the customer experience is one of being ‘measured up’ before they are declared worthy. This can be intimidating. With Atelier working for you, we take the stress of the home loan process away – you’ll exchange call centres and impersonal bank service for your own mortgage concierge who gets behind your application and represents you to the lenders.

Are you in control of your money?

See how you compare with our checklist below.

Our track record is strong – we have never met a first home buyer who we couldn’t assist.
We’ll talk through your options, such as:

Family Guarantees
Deposit Guarantees
Reducing your Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) premium.

Thinking About Refinancing Your Loan in Sydney?

Atelier offers a personalised refinancing service. We can help you review your options so you pay less fees and less interest.

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