The weekend property hunt was fun at the start – shortlisting properties and getting in touch with the agent so they knew you were keen! Then two months later, you find yourself (embarrassingly) seeing the same agents and going through the routine. Most clients think it, but rarely say it…”there has to be a better way”!

Based on our clients experiences, I wanted to share three property hunting hacks which have helped them go from disheartened house hunters to elated home buyers.

  • They were Pre-Approved to their maximum loan amount

Quite often clients will get Pre-Approved for what they feel comfortable to purchase for and don’t want to extend a bit more to really pay the price the vendors want. Having a Pre-Approval for higher loan amount doesn’t mean you need to use the whole amount, but gives you the comfort knowing you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to negotiating on the home you want to buy.

  • They engaged a Buyers Agent

Some properties don’t make it onto or Domain as they are negotiated and traded off-market. These are vendors who maybe don’t want their neighbours stickybeaking, sometimes couples are getting divorced or there is death and the estate is selling the family home. A Buyer’s Agent can find these off-market opportunities and negotiate on your behalf. They do this daily and clients will typically buy their home every 5 years – experience counts.

  • They tried to avoid going to auction

We’ve all seen the auction where the opening bid was your maximum purchase price not to mention the auctioneer working the crowd and the bidder who came out of left field. With emotions running high and engaging in a bidding war – this is a danger zone for buyers. Either get someone experienced to bid on your behalf or try to get the property negotiated off market.

A pre-approval gives you the confidence to speak to agents at open homes, knowing you have finance in place and you know your monthly repayments. Being organised and making an offer with confidence will show the agent you’re a serious buyer and not going to waste his or her time presenting an offer to their client.

It’s never too early to chat to a Broker! At Atelier Wealth we are passionate about empowering the next generation of Australian’s on the hunt for their next home. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation and start to understand your borrowing capacity and ways we can help you work towards owning your home.