What’s the difference between having a buyers agent that isn’t a local in the area you’re looking at versus someone who is? Purchasing a property is a big decision to make and we don’t want to loosely make decisions without knowing all the details about the property and, of course, its location. In this episode, Matt Sharp, a buyers’ agent and founder of Sharp Property Buyers, shares with us the benefits of having a buyers’ agent who knows the ins and outs of the area you’re investing in. Join us as we talk about gentrification, off-market properties, tips for investing and so much more.

In this episode:
  • Matt tells us about his personal and professional journey and how he became interested to work in the property industry.
  • Matt shares the evolution and changes in the Central Coast.
  • Looking at gentrification when investing.
  • How Matt can help potential investors in buying properties as a local buyers’ agent.
  • His thoughts around purchasing off-market properties.
  • Reasons buyers agents are passing on properties.
  • What made the Central Coast one of the most popular and attractive areas for investors.
  • Tips for investor game plans from Matt.
  • Matt shares what he has learned about loan structuring and purchasing homes from the investments he has made before.

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