To become a property developer, you need many professional business partners to help you succeed. A lawyer like Craig Reeve from Reeve Law, is one of the most important ones you’ll need beside you. If you are wanting to become a property developer or are a new player in the industry, my chat with Craig will help you understand what you need to know from a legal perspective when it comes to property development. We discuss top things you need to consider to consider, why you need to have feasibility studies, council approvals, tips, tricks, and so much more.

In this episode:
  • Things you need to know before considering property development.
  • Partners you need to have when developing properties.
  • Craig explains the wait times for councils to approve your projects.
  • How feasibility studies can help you project additional fees and expenses.
  • The process of handling disapprovals from the council.
  • Looking at successful projects and how they look like.
  • Tips and tricks for new players in property development.
  • Areas where lawyers can help you in the process of developing properties.
  • Things to watch out for when purchasing units.
  • The recourse of working with bad builders in the industry.
  • Advice for people who will go through pre-settlement inspections.

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