What does it take to become a top-tier investor? Michael Yardney lets us in on the details in this episode of the Australian Property Investment Podcast. Michael’s extensive experience in property and investing has enabled him to help clients build quality portfolios and become top-tier investors. Learn about his game-changing wisdom about property investing in our conversation today.

In this episode:
  • Michael shares his passion for informing and educating investors.
  • Michael’s journey in working and investing in Australian property.
  • He shares how he built his property portfolio.
  • His journey from engaging in property development in the 80s to launching Metropole in the 2000s.
  • How they help clients become exceptional performers based on the quality of their portfolios.
  • Positioning their clients into becoming top-tier investors.
  • The importance of a quality relationship to mastering money versus money mastering us.
  • Michael shares game-changing wisdom about property investing.



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