Do you really need to insure your property? In this episode, Mitch Van Reyk, Insurance Broker and Director of Vantage Insurance Solutions talks to us about the importance of property insurance. While insurance coverage may be different from state to state, there are some general things that we need to know and understand about it – and this is what Mitch talks about in this insightful episode.

In this episode:
  • Mitch shares his personal, professional, and property background.
  • Understanding the role of an insurance broker.
  • Why is insurance important for properties?
  • Issues that may come up in instances of underinsurance.
  • Differences of and insurance coverages for tenant damage and wear and tear.
  • Remunerations for insurance brokers.
  • Understanding the differences of insurance coverages in different states.
  • Learning from past mistakes made on insurance claims.
  • The value of working with property managers.

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