The idea can also be scary if you’re looking to build wealth through real estate. The property seems like a high-stakes game reserved for experienced investors.

It’s normal to have some fears when you first get started. Here are some common property investment fears in Australia, and how you can overcome them:


Fear of Debt and Risk

Property requires big loans. It’s daunting taking on a mortgage and debt burden. Plus there are risks if tenants trash your property or the market declines.

Tips to overcome:

  • Research loan options to find one you’re comfortable with
  • Get insurance to protect your asset from damage and loss of rent
  • Start small – buy an affordable investment property to test out the process
  • Build a cash buffer in case of unexpected costs


Lack of Experience

If you’ve never invested, you may worry about choosing a bad property or location. Or feel intimidated by all there is to learn about real estate.

Tips to overcome:

  • Read property investment books and blogs to gain knowledge
  • Learn from experienced investors – find a mentor
  • Hire a buyer’s agent to help identify suitable properties
  • Leverage property investment calculators and data tools


Fear of Failure

What if you make mistakes and lose money? This stops many from ever starting.

Tips to overcome:

  • Recognize failure is part of the journey – build resilience
  • Start small to limit initial risk exposure
  • Learn from mistakes – they provide invaluable lessons
  • Stay focused on long-term goals, not short-term setbacks


Analysis Paralysis

Too much research and overthinking can create indecision. You keep waiting for the perfect time or deal.

Tips to overcome:

  • Set analysis cut-off points – don’t keep researching indefinitely
  • Focus analysis on deal-breakers to filter, not perfection
  • Trust your preparation – take the imperfect action
  • Give yourself a start date deadline to create urgency


The key is taking imperfect action despite some fear. You can invest successfully with the right education, mentorship, and mindset shifts. Don’t let fear hold you back from creating the wealth you desire through property.