When deciding between using a mortgage broker or going with a bank, it’s important to understand that your bank might not inform you about cheaper options from other banks or lenders that better suit your needs. A mortgage broker, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive comparison. What’s more, our services come at no cost to you, and customer satisfaction surveys consistently show that mortgage brokers outrank bank managers. We handle the hassle of loan applications, dealing with banks on your behalf. Our mortgage brokers have extensive training and experience. We specialise in finely tailored finance and provide annual reviews to ensure your loan remains competitive, as banks can change rates post-approval.

Although our three offices are based in Sydney, Thirroul, and Port Stephens, we proudly serve numerous interstate clients.

Yes, we have many Australian Expatriate (Aussie Expat) clients who live outside of Australia (e.g. Singapore, United Kingdom, etc.)

Typically, pre-approvals have a validity period of three to six months. In the event that your pre-approval expires before you secure a property, we can assist you in requesting an extension.

Yes, there are several government grants and incentives available for first-time homebuyers, including the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) provides financial assistance towards purchasing or building a new home. Additionally, the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) and HomeBuilder Scheme offer further support. For property investors, there may be tax benefits and depreciation allowances. At Atelier Wealth we can provide detailed information on these programs and how they can benefit you.

To determine your eligibility for a First Home Owners Grant or Stamp Duty Concession, specific requirements are set by each state. These requirements typically include verifying your citizenship status or permanent residency, ensuring that the purchase price falls within the defined criteria, and confirming that it is indeed your first home. Conveniently, you can find links to the requirements of each state here.

Yes, certain properties such as heritage-listed buildings or high-rise apartments may involve unique challenges when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. These properties may require additional assessments, approvals, or specific loan products. At Atelier Wealth, we can help you navigate these complexities and connect you with lenders who specialise in financing these types of properties.

We break down your settlement costs into three parts: the government fees and charges, legal fees and charges, and bank fees and charges. The exact amount will depend on the property’s purchase price and a few other factors.

We typically provide you with an estimate of these costs a week in advance prior to your settlement and help you plan for them. We’ll ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial obligations involved in your property purchase.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and efficient. When it comes to securing your loan approval we move at a speed that you are comfortable with, but also we know what we need to do in terms of delivering on time, every time.

The typical settlement period is about four to six weeks. Given that we’ve done this multiple times before, we know what needs to happen by when – and we know who needs to be involved. When it comes to being a trusted mortgage broker, you can have complete confidence in our track record. We have never missed a settlement within our control or lost a deposit. And that’s the Atelier Wealth difference.

Absolutely. Refinancing an existing mortgage can be a smart financial move to secure better interest rates, access equity, or change loan terms. As a mortgage broker, I can assess your current mortgage and financial situation, explore available options, and guide you through the refinancing process to potentially save money or achieve other financial goals.

Everyone thinks that we’re here to get the loan approved. While this is important, the true measure of how committed we are to our clients is our post-settlement service. We proactively review every single loan on a six to twelve-month basis, and we know which banks will renegotiate your loans.

And trust us when we say that we’d rather have that money in your back pocket than in the banks. We have saved over $2.5 million worth of interest in just the last two years alone. That money has gone straight back into our clients’ pockets. We live and breathe what we say we do when we talk about customer service being the number one priority in our business.

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