Building your own portfolio but don’t know the buying process or what to look out for? Rich Harvey, CEO and Founder of Propertybuyer, talks about how you can build your property portfolio in this episode. Rich is an expert licensed real estate buyers’ agent and property investor. Find out the most common roadblocks buyers experience and what you can do about it. Rich also shares the reasons why you need a buyers’ agent in purchasing properties and the requirements you need to check for when looking for one. Watch out for property investment tips that Rich also shares in this interesting conversation.

In this episode:

  • Rich shares the story of how he became a buyers’ agent.
  • Understanding the role of a buyers’ agent.
  • DIscussing the two most common roadblocks buyers experience.
  • Rich walks us through some of the property investments he’s made.
  • Top things to check when looking for a buyers’ agents.
  • Buyers’ agent’s fees that you need to know as a property buyer.
  • Should purchasing properties be based on quality or quantity?