Are you caught in the trap of waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ to dive into property investment?

Welcome to the Australian Property Investment Podcast. In each episode, we ask guest experts to share their key insights for aspiring investors to make confident property choices.

In this week’s episode, a skilled and recognised property investor and qualified buyer agent, Eddie Dilleen, shares that the key to successful property investment isn’t just about buying any property—it’s about investing in areas with strong potential for capital growth.

One of the secrets to Matt’s success lies in his ability to build strong relationships with real estate agents. He also emphasises the importance of trust and credibility.

If you’re ready to take your first step towards financial freedom through property investment, then make sure to tune in to this episode!

Time Stamps:
04:15Eddie’s 3Ps
08:23Eddie’s Journey
14:10Strategy vs. Luck in Property Investment
17:54Secrets of Property Research and Negotiation
23:16How to Build a Robust Portfolio by 30
27:07Finding Profitable Real Estate Deals
32:36Insights for Property Investors in a Changing Landscape
35:31Balancing Parenthood and a Growing Property Portfolio
37:21Final Thoughts and Outro

About Our Host:

Aaron-Christie David founded Atelier Wealth, a Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) approved Mortgage Broker. Aaron’s focus is clear – supporting property investors to make confident decisions to build their property portfolio. He has been recognised in the MPA Top 100 Broker rankings for the last three years. 

With over 10 years of financial services experience, with a career spanning Wizard Home Loans and Commonwealth Bank, Aaron’s decision to become a broker was to help more Australians fearlessly buy investment properties to achieve intergenerational wealth.

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