Have you ever wondered what it takes to invest in property from a young age successfully?

Welcome to the Australian Property Investment Podcast. In each episode, we ask guest experts to share their key insights for aspiring investors to make confident property choices.

In this week’s episode, Search Property Founder and Buyer’s Agent Ravi Sharma pulls back the curtain on his property investing approach, from the importance of focusing on cash flow to keeping your eyes on the long-term goal.

Now, Ravi is paying it forward as an influential property educator. With 60k+ YouTube subscribers, he provides invaluable insider tips to help others invest in real estate.

If you want to uncover the principles and mindset that have allowed Ravi to achieve property investing prosperity in his 20s, tune into this episode now!

Ravi talks about:
1Having the Right Property Mindset
2Ravi’s Strategic Investing Portfolio
3Overcoming Mental Financial Roadblocks
4How Ravi Bought His First Property at 21
5Long-term Wealth Building
And so much more!

About Our Host:

Aaron-Christie David founded Atelier Wealth, a Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) approved Mortgage Broker. Aaron’s focus is clear – supporting property investors to make confident decisions to build their property portfolio. He has been recognised in the MPA Top 100 Broker rankings for the last three years. 

With over 10 years of financial services experience, with a career spanning Wizard Home Loans and Commonwealth Bank, Aaron’s decision to become a broker was to help more Australians fearlessly buy investment properties to achieve intergenerational wealth.

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