Dreaming of buying your first home in Australia? This episode features Tahirih Mclaren Brown, whose story is living proof that “The Happy Home Loan Handbook” can help YOU achieve your Australian property dreams!

Tahirih shares her inspiring journey from renting to owning, navigating the challenges and triumphs of first-time homeownership. We delve into the practical steps, financial considerations, and emotional rollercoaster involved.

Discover why now is the perfect time to buy your first home!

Tahirih Mclaren Brown talks about:

08:00Developing the Aspiration for Homeownership
12:02Saving Strategies and Goal Setting
15:59Property Search and Offer Process
21:28Securing Pre-Approval amid Competing Offers
25:29Coordinating Deposit Transfer for Purchase
34:01Conveyancing and Final Documentation
36:06Pre-Settlement Inspection and Keys
43:01Advise on Timing of Broker Meetings and Offers

About Aaron:

Aaron-Christie David founded Atelier Wealth, a Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) approved Mortgage Broker. Aaron’s focus is clear – supporting property investors to make confident decisions to build their property portfolio. He has been recognised in the MPA Top 100 Broker rankings for the last three years.

With over 10 years of financial services experience, with a career spanning Wizard Home Loans and Commonwealth Bank, Aaron’s decision to become a broker was to help more Australians fearlessly buy investment properties to achieve intergenerational wealth.

About Tahirih:

Tahirih McLaren Brown is a marketing professional from New Zealand currently based in Sydney, Australia. She holds a degree from Victoria University of Wellington and works in marketing for an employment services company connecting First Nations Australians to jobs and training.

In her personal life, Tahirih enjoys an active lifestyle in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and recently navigated buying her first home while her partner was living abroad. When not working, she likes to travel, practice yoga outdoors, and support First Nations communities in Australia.

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