In your early 20’s, would you have thought of investing in a property? Everyone started by wanting to have a portfolio built but had to start somewhere. In this episode, find out how Lea Gore came across the world of property investing at an early age, when she did not have a lot of savings and deposits yet. Listen in as she shares her story that eventually led her to buying her own home. Plus, learn from her experiences that helped her grow as an investor.

In this episode:

  • How Lea started out buying her first property.
  • What led Lea to purchase another property.
  • How getting the right advice helped her get a good investment property.
  • Rentvesting as part of Lea’s growth plan.
  • The stressful time when bank policies changed.
  • Deciding to buy her own family home.
  • How Lea handled the hiccups of property investing.
  • The advantages of hiring a property manager versus a DIY.