Ever wondered how to build a ‘dream team’ of advisors to propel you towards your financial goals?

Welcome to the Australian Property Investment Podcast. In each episode, we ask a guest expert to share their key insights for aspiring investors to make confident property choices.

In this week’s episode, One Contract Property’s Managing Director, Raymond Hempstead as he discusses the potential risks and rewards of picking your dream team of advisors and how they can either make or break your pathway to reaching your goals.

He’ll also delve into the importance of goal-setting in your financial journey and the intricacies of choosing the perfect dream team for your financial journey.

If you’re ready to get enlightened and stay one step ahead in the self-managed super funds’ space, then make sure to tune in to this episode!

Time Stamps:
01:09Raymond’s 3Ps
03:56Misconceptions with Buying and Lending
06:40Picking the Dream Team
07:21Property Investment Goals
10:38No’s becoming Yesses
12:22Impact of Legislation Changes
14:43From No to Yes Client Story
18:19Best Purchases
20:07A Cashflow Play for Your Financial Goals
23:56Raymond’s Advice

About Our Host:

Aaron-Christie David is the founder of Atelier Wealth and a Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) approved Mortgage Broker. Aaron’s focus is clear – supporting property investors to make confident decisions to build their property portfolio. He has been recognised in the MPA Top 100 Broker rankings for the last three years. 

With over 10 years in financial services experience, with a career spanning Wizard Home Loans and Commonwealth Bank, Aaron’s decision to become a broker was to help more Australians fearlessly buy investment properties to achieve intergenerational wealth.

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